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Comprehensive Packaging Solutions – From assessment of packaging needs to the design & execution of the most suitable and sustainable solution

A smart consumer holds faith in the brand that follows a greener approach to their products & packaging

Environmentally safe Products

NovumPack cares about the earth and its environment-friendly products are a testament to this fact

Sustainable & responsible

Our products support the vision of sustainable living and deliver responsible solutions against plastic pollution – our products do not remain in environment as micro-plastics

biobased and 100% compostable Products

Our products are derived from corn starch and decompose completely in industrial and home composting facilities within a matter of 3 to 6 months

Why Choose Us?

Packaging Solutions

With a vision to contribute significantly towards a “sustainable earth” goal, NovumPack has embarked on a mission of transforming packaging by delivering packaging solutions that are nature-derived and 100% compostable

Concern of Carbon Footprint

Global pollution rates are a testament to the severe position we have put our planet in. With a large carbon footprint of plastic packaging alone, it is making our environment intensively uninhabitable for future generations and now it’s our turn to come through and help save it.

The Plastic Pollution Epidemic

All of us need to confront these issues as a community and eradicate the use of Plastics as a mainstay in the packaging industry . Over a third of the packaging industry uses plastic packaging materials which has led to the high pollution rates

Our Products

Alarm bells are ringing!!!

"90 % of Consumers are more likely to trust a company that support Social & Environmental Issues"

Why Bioplastics are the way to go

From Biodegradable Packaging to Certified Compostable solutions, we want to implement greener alternatives that can do the job just as good, if not better than plastic solutions. Our packaging methods are the results of unyielding research & development coupled with Carbon Capturing practices to materialize the most effective alternatives to plastic packaging. Encouraging a greener adaptation of packaging to decrease our carbon footprint and to reduce the incremental negative effects of global warming, effectively promoting a near perfect Circular Economy.

“A smart consumer holds faith in the brand that follows a greener approach to their products & packaging.”

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