Environmental education campaigns WWF-Pakistan inks MoU with Novumpack (1)

Environmental education campaigns: WWF-Pakistan inks MoU with Novumpack

KARACHI: WWF-Pakistan has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Novumpack for the corporate sustainability and collaborate towards environmental education campaigns, the WWF-Pakistan said Wednesday.

As the largest non-profit organization working in environmental and nature conservation in Pakistan, WWF-Pakistan works to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which people and nature can thrive.

It has a long history of working in partnership with the private sector to find innovative solutions to pressing environmental issues in Pakistan.

Novumpack is the local partner of Cardia Bioplastics and the pioneer of plastic-free starch based compostable and environment-friendly packaging in Pakistan.

Though Novumpack initiated its journey with environment-friendly packaging, it has now also added plastic-free single use cutlery to its product portfolio, catering to the rapidly growing biodegradables market in line with its vision.

Novumpack nature-derived products and packaging solutions are supported by global partnerships (for global outreach and R&D support) and renowned industry certifications promising a premium quality that demonstrates complete decomposition within industrial and home composting facilities within three to six months.

Through the MoU, WWF-Pakistan and Novumpack have agreed to create and maintain an amicable and cooperative relationship to share information and opportunities that allow them to contribute to each other’s work for betterment of the environment.

Both organizations will work together in environmental education, capacity building and project development to address pressing environmental issues like plastic pollution, climate change, air pollution, etc.

This will include, but is not limited to, environmental awareness workshops for the corporate sector on waste upcycling and eco-friendly workshops; educational campaigns at institutions across the country; and the development and promotion of sustainable plastic-free products and merchandise.

At the signing ceremony, Hammad Naqi Khan, Director General WWF-Pakistan said: “Economy and sustainability should go hand in hand. Corporates should opt for economically and commercially viable sustainable packaging material, which can greatly help reduce non-biodegradable plastic waste from the source.”

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