NovumCares® Introduction

NovumCares® is a division and brand of NovumPack Asia Pvt. Ltd.

NovumCares strives to serve the healthcare and hygiene related needs of our commercial and industrial clients / businesses in Pakistan. Our mission is to bring innovative solutions to our clients that add value to their business beside enhancing their brand image.

NovumCares®, in its capacity as the exclusive representative of Health & Hygiene Ltd. (H&H), UK brings to Pakistan H&H’s premium “Antimicrobial Medical Products” providing 99.99% round-the-clock Protection against Viruses (including Coronavirus), bacteria & microorganisms.

products are being used Internationally in many countries including US, Europe, Middle East, Malaysia, UAE and also in Pakistan etc. in healthcare, household and industrial sectors.

NovumCares® propositions enjoy the technical and R&D support of its global partner H&H. Whilst this means adequate customer support to our clients in healthcare and other commercial sectors, it also ensures availability of appropriately skilled resources for research & collaboration with our clients in industrial segment for customized Antimicrobial products / solutions.

NovumCares® promise of quality

The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in loss of millions of precious lives. Emergency situations like these demand effective solutions that can not only reduce the spread of infection, but can also mitigate such threats in the future.

Reducing the risk of infection spread is the top priority of every industry and permanent & effective solution are need of the hour to save potential human and economic losses.

We proudly claim that all the H&H’s Antimicrobial products / solutions promoted from NovumCares® platform hold pertinent certifications (ISO 18184, ISO 22196, ISO 20743:2013, ISO 13629-2:2014 etc.) and demonstrate amazing efficacy against various types of microorganisms. Latest innovations from our principal now provide 99.99% protection against:

Antiviral Protection from viruses (Including Coronavirus) >99.99%
Antibacterial Protection from bacteria (Gram + and Gram –ve) > 99.999%
Antifungal Protection from fungi, yeast, mould and mildew > 99.99%
Antialgae Protection from Algae > 99.99%

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